If you love movies and you have imagination and writing skills, send us a script and transform your story into a reality!


CRISTIAN TUDOR POPESCU Writer, Journalist and Film Critic

LAURENȚIU DAMIAN Director, Producer, President of UCIN

CRINA LINȚĂ Actress, Producer, President of Arte dell’Anima Association

CRISTINA POPA Director, Producer, Assistant Production at Arte dell’ Anima Association

The ANIMA FILM Script Competition is a short story script contest, which aims to promote talented, creative and serious people.

Organized by the Arte dell’Anima Association, the ANIMA FILM Script Competition serves one purpose: discovering and promoting talented people.

In each eddition a single movie will be selected. The eligible genres for the movies are: fiction, experimental, thriller / horror, comedy, SF and documentary.

The author of the winning script is given the opportunity to produce the film working in collaboration with our Association.


  • The script registration period will run between 7.08. 2017 – 07.09.2017;
  • The eligible genres for the submitted films are: fiction, experimental, thriller / horror, comedy, SF and documentary;
  • Movies can not exceed 20 minutes;
  • Each participant can submit a single script;
  • We accept Scripts from both non-specialized people and from professional people (experienced in the field, with a completed profile faculty, etc.) but we reserve the right to select the production team of the winner, including the director;
  • Scripts must be sent either in Romanian or in English, and in a Final Draft, Courier New or Celtx format, written in a professional manner. Scripts with inappropriate content will not be considered;
  • Alongside the script, each participant must submit the film production sheet. It must contain: The CV of the writer, The genre of the film, The Estimated Running time of the movie, An Estimated Budget (correctly and reasonably analyzed), a synopsys, a Film treatment and a Directorial Concept.
  • The jury will review the scripts and a winner will be announced within 30 calendaristic days after the closing of the sign-up session;
  • If the jury decides that none of the scripts submitted is good enough to be declared a winner, then the Association will launch another session to give a chance to other participants to submit their scripts.

EN:  In order to enter the competition, please submit the required documents at the email address:

Deadline 07.09.2017.

We thank you and wish you GOOD LUCK!

For any other inquiry, please contact us at the same email address.

Note:   * We do not reserve any rights over the scripts entered in the competition;

** Only when signing a legal contract will the copyright be negotiated regarding the film.


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